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When it comes to cigars, the world is neatly cleaved in two. Forget the different regions, the different soils, the climates and the countries. You either smoke Cubans or Non-Cubans!

The New World Cigars are a true work of art blended with the finest tobaccos found in the four main tobacco regions of Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras and the US.
It is worth noting that New World Cigars have undergone a remarkable renaissance in the last decade, with Nicaragua now unarguably leading the way. Where once Dominican Republic was the bastion of New World smokes, it has been chased, caught and overtaken by a Nicaraguan cigar making industry that has benefited from cheap labour, political stability at last and some outstanding raw product.

What’s more, New World smokes have allowed new blood into the industry. Not everyone associated with cigars is Cuban, or indeed of Latin heritage. Bold new producers have stepped into the market, questioning old techniques and challenging blindly-led traditions.