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How to Choose the Right Humidor for Your Cigars

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Choosing the right humidor for your needs can be challenging, however, so we strive to make that decision easier by providing these essential tips:


Choose the Right Size

Humidors come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important that you pick the one that can accommodate your current or future collection of cigars. If you choose a humidor that is smaller or larger than your requirements, you may compromise its ability to maintain the correct humidity and temperature levels, thereby effecting the condition of your cigars.

If your humidor is too small your cigars may become crammed together which can affect air circulation and the consistency at which the cigars absorb humidity but in addition there may not be sufficient levels of humidity to maintain all of your cigars in the right condition. If a humidor is too large there may be too much humidity produced for a small number of cigars resulting in cigars becoming too damp.

The aesthetic appeal of humidors, as well as their large range of design choices, means that you can place them anywhere in the home and be confident that they can match your furniture or interior design and look good at all times.

A humidor should be chosen according to your existing or future needs, so think about how many cigars you plan on having at the same time before making a purchase. For example, the beautiful Elie Bleu Alba Medailles Red, which displays a colourful background made of dyed sycamore, was crafted to hold a maximum of 75 cigars.

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